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Our Products

The goal of Eco Green Home is for our customers to live in a TOXIN-FREE, clean environment. Our GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS and little LUXURIES are included FREE of charge.

During your home cleaning we proudly use non-toxic and eco-friendly green cleaning products that will not irritate sensitive skin, nor give off noxious fumes. They will not, when going down the drain, leave a toxic residue in the water supply. They are safe with kids and pets. Yet, they are as effective, if not superior, to traditional cleaning products.

Our high end LUXURY FREE amenities offer special touches like a botanical lavender potpourri sachet and pieces of chocolate or mint left on a bed pillow. Upon request, while we clean, we offer aromatherapy and diffuse essential natural oils to further purify the air in a home.

It is our hope that these little luxuries will make our customers' homes and apartments a bit more special and inviting. After all, life is about little things... We want to welcome our customers to a clean, relaxing and tranquil space....

Greening The Cleaning
The main brand that we use is Greening the Cleaning brand of products that establishes the highest standards for health and safety -- only choosing products with the least level of toxicity or non toxic, while maintaining the highest level of product efficacy. Unfortunately, the generally recognized U.S. green product standards:

  • Do not stipulate the use of natural or naturally derived ingredients
  • Allows for synthetic fragrances
  • Do not require the disclosure of all ingredients

The following applies to all Greening the Cleaning cleaning products:

  • Full disclosure of all ingredients
  • Third-party certification of product formulations
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control program
  • Water supply should be purified, and free of chlorine and residual chlorine
  • Require raw material suppliers to certify their materials
  • Product formulations must meet or exceed established American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for the specific product category for efficacy
  • Achieve the least level of toxicity while maintaining the highest level of efficacy
  • Must be cost competitive with traditional cleaners.
  • All Products are Triclosan Free

Our products:

  • Must be free of any known human carcinogens, mutagens or teratogens
  • Must not contain compounds or substances which cause or contribute to the creation of atmospheric greenhouse gases, ground level smog or ozone depletion
  • Must not be corrosive to skin or inanimate surfaces
  • Must not be a severe skin or eye irritant
  • Must not be delivered in single use aerosol cans or cans using ozone depleting propellants
  • Must not contain petroleum-derived or petrochemical blended fragrances
  • Must not contain heavy metals that are toxic to humans, animal life or the environment
  • Must not contain petroleum distillates unless no natural alternative is available, and then only if the distillate meets the human safety and environmental profile outlined herein.
  • Should not be combustible below 150ºF
  • Must not contain chlorine, chlorinated or brominated solvents
  • Must not contain compounds that persist or bio-accumulate in human or animal tissue or in the environment
  • Must not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) at levels exceeding the limits established by the Southern California Air Quality Management District Resources Board for the applicable product categories. Products must not be listed on the hazardous air pollutants list of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Should be readily biodegradable at greater than 90% in thirty days without the need of being run through a municipal effluent treatment process. If not biodegradable due to inorganic content the ingredient must be chemically inert
  • Should be obtained or derived from replenishable natural (plant) sources wherever possible
  • Should be as concentrated as possible to green the supply chain
  • Products should be capable of being dispensed through automatic systems in order to reduce user and environmental contact
  • Should have a pH level between 4 and 9 wherever possible

We are COMMITTED to GREEN cleaning for HEALTH and SUPERIOR service. EVERY TIME!

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